Well, they’re moving the computer hutch today

That means in the meantime, the computer is in the morning room. Somehow, I forgot how fucking HOT it gets in this room (it’ll be better after sundown). But at least there’s only less than two weeks until I move out. Then, it’ll be a couple pay periods after that until I get a computer (but I’ll get DSL, so eventually I win). Work today wasn’t that bad, but my brain had to remind me from time to time that it was Tuesday. After tomorrow, we’ll already be over the hump. Don’t you just love four-day workweeks?

Perhaps tomorrow when I do my paperwork, I’ll find out just what my address will be. That way, I can give everyone (or maybe just my friends list) notice, and when I move in the weekend of the 13th, I’ll be welcomed by a flood of apartment warming gifts. You guys are that nice, right? Although the more likely result will be that I’ll get a card that says “HAAHAA, YOU GET NO GIFTS!!! YOU LOSE!!!!” That would be better than nothing, I suppose.

Yep, so it’s another month. Big deal, it’s not like I have anything big planned. I won’t be able to plan anything big until I actually have some vacation time, and that won’t be until next July. What I would do during vacation days would be up in the air, but it would have to be something fun. Not like my holidays, which are spent helping whatever family member needs help moving (groan).


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