Yay! Got my paperwork done, and I’m so looking forward to the 13th

I didn’t have to pay anything today (duh, should’ve known that), but I do know what my address will be. I suppose if you really want it, you’ll have to ask nicely. 😉 But things are moving quite swimmingly to say the least. The major difficulty will be having my things ready to move up by next weekend, but once I know what I want up there, it’ll be short work (thank the gods I don’t have as much stuff as Mom). This house will soon be empty, depending on when Dad can get whatever’s left out of here. Damn, it’s been a swell ten years here.

Liz will be so proud of me since I found a DDR machine on my own :p (and if you come back to say that there’s an unverified location in Battle Creek, THAT WAS ME WHO ADDED IT, BABE). I had thought there had to be one somewhere in the Cereal City, and there was, although I’ll still make the trip over to Kalamazoo and Portage from time to time to play those mixes. I’m still waiting for the point where I trip and fall on my ass, so we can all have a good laugh. Not that we can’t already have a good laugh, it’s just that falling on my ass produces a more hearty laugh. I still got miles to go before I can ever be considered a contender. Of course, now I don’t have the excuse that I have to go all the way to Kalamazoo to play, so I’ll probably play more often on my way home until I move up, and when I move up, who knows what will happen?

Perhaps tomorrow, I’ll do more shopping for a TV and maybe Mom and Adam will have cable working by then so I can watch the football game at their place. It’s either that, or I got out to Marc and Barb’s all sweaty and stinky from several plays of teh DDR. I know he likes me that way :-*. But somehow, I must arrange for Grandma to sign the title renewal (since it’s her name on the title), and when I renew, I’ll change address and get my chauffeur’s license. Gosh, there’s so many places where I’ll have to change my address (Centennial, work, etc.). Speaking of Centennial, I still haven’t received any word on when the guys at might want me to do testing. But, good things come to those who wait, as they always say.


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