More silly ramblings

Ah, to be someone who has a great love for ripping into the media such as me. Speaking of that, why the hell was all this American Idol crap news? I look at the front page of the Battle Creek Enquirer, and I see a front page story about the winner of that show. The endings of TV shows are not supposed to be news. And before you start talking about sports reports, remember that those are merely televised, not specifically TV shows. They did the same thing with Survivor, or any other of those mind-numbingly pathetic reality shows. Reviews of TV shows are one thing, but not front-page articles summarizing the plot of a particular show, including its ending. Jeebus Christ, the media have succumbed to the Nielsens and whatever seems to be popular. How long will it be before they start spoiling good TV shows and movies for those who haven’t seen them?

Oi, work was good. Ted had a headache again, but the two ladies and I seem to manage fine without him. We were hit with a buttload of outgoing stuff today, and I’ll be glad when I finish up this afternoon’s run. After work, I went down to the Secretary of State’s, but all I could do was renew my plate (I still need to change my address and get a chauffeur’s license). I then got free Vince Neil (singer of Motley Crue) tickets from WRKR’s remote at the Ball Joint. Then later in the evening, Adam was kind enough to leave the back door open so I could slip in and watch the football game. It was a pretty good defensive contest to say the least.

Gah, so much to say, yet so much not to say. I’m sure it’ll get better after I get a little sleep.


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