The weekend is finally here…again

I think Friday tradition is going to be wearing my Red Wings T-shirt and Red Wings cap placed backwards. Carolyn says, “Man, when he has that hat on backwards, he’s ready.” And the truth is that I am. Friday’s ain’t got nothing on me. Why, today I had to get several boxes from DRMS-K (basically Human Resources for DRMS). It filled up my flatbed. But were we able to get them all metered and out today? You better believe we did, because we’re the awesomest mail folk this side of the Mississippi. Word to your mother. And I picked up a huge stack of envelopes from DLIS-V (but they’re from DRMS for some reason), and I got those bad puppies metered before lunchtime. Those bitchez can’t slow me down. The only drawback of the day was that those homies in the correspondence control office weren’t up there all day. Is it me, or have I developed a phat getto dialect from the backwards cap thing? Anyway, when 4:00 came around, I was glad to get out of there.

I’m almost pretty certain that Target will be the only place where I’ll get the TV I want without them having to order it in advance. Sears had a 13″ set that had the S-video input I desire, but with the flat display, it costs about the same as the 19″ set from Target. Frankly, I could care less if the screen was flat. Of course, HDTVs are definitely out of the question (when they get to be not so expensive as a cheap car, then we’ll talk). This weekend should be fun, as I’m planning to go up to karaoke at Moonraker tomorrow night and see Marc and Barb and maybe Bear if he decides to come. But I fear that I’ll have to take Mom shopping beforehand, and I’ll have to pay since she has no money in her account. Beh, but all she really wants is a Lazy Suzy-type thing. Those aren’t too expensive, especially if we go to the outlet mall. Beh, but it is a chance to get away from the house. Personally, I’d rather go over to Mom’s to watch the Western Michigan-Michigan game. I tell you, if Western somehow manages to beat Michigan, Purdue, and Virginia Tech, post a winning record, and doesn’t get into a bowl game if they’re not the MAC champs, then we know that the MAC is greatly disrespected. Seriously, if Western beats those teams, and they all have winning records themselves, Western’s strength of schedule should be through the roof compared to the other MAC teams, even compared to some of the teams in the favored conferences (read: ah, Michigan at 7-4 goes to a bowl game, but Western at 10-1 [losing the MAC Championsip Game, otherwise, they’d get a bid to the Motor City Bowl] doesn’t). But then everyone’s known about the imbalance given to the more popular conferences. Not even half the fans could tell you Central Florida joined the MAC this season, but nearly everyone knew Penn State started play in the Big Ten in 1993. Or that’s just how I perceive it. I suppose Western should be fortunate to schedule the three teams I mentioned. Not many schools would leap at the chance to play a MAC school.

The text messaging option is closer to becoming available. Stay tuned, my friends.


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