Gosh, slept very well last night

It’s rather interesting that I go to bed before midnight on nights where I don’t have to work the next day. I get much more sleep that way. Mom and Adam stopped by this morning to get a few more things. They want to go out to her mom’s today, and I said I’d be along shortly. I don’t know why Mom is so indecisive about wanting to go to karaoke with me tonight. I figure tonight’s as good a night as any to go out and actually do something that isn’t stay at home and be bored out of my skull. Maybe we won’t go down the the outlet mall after all. It’ll save a little on my pocket book.

“Our survey of customer satisfaction shows improvement. The focus group spontaneously attacked our researchers using number two pencils as shivs.”
“That’s an improvement?”
“Last year the attack was premeditated.”


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