Something to note

Don’t ever go to karaoke on Saturday nights at the Battle Creek Moonraker, or anywhere where this Steve guy is hosting it. For two hours, all he does is let a select group of people do what they want without letting anyone else into the rotation. Marc and Barb and Mom and I left in a huff (well, Mom wasn’t in as big a huff as Marc, Barb, and I). I said something while I was driving about all the misfortune that happens to me, and even Mom tries to remind me that the world isn’t against me. I mean, sure, I suppose we all overreacted just a teensy bit, but sometimes, a little overreaction is justified. But what got to me is that no one else there hardly worked up a fuss at all. What I dislike more than actually being screwed is people who won’t complain when they’re being screwed. And I know I’ve seen the ads for this guy and his 20 impressions before we went last night. Maybe it’s just that I’m starting to become more vocal with my frustrations, now that I feel that being the strong silent type doesn’t help in certain situations. Maybe the next time, it’ll be time for me to actually speak out to these people who think they have every right to be unfair to me and anyone else. I don’t want to be someone who just accepts crap from people because he can’t find an alternative. But then, I’m not one who’s going to change for the world, so the strong silent type I will remain. But when someone needs a tongue lashing, hoo boy, I want to be first in line to give it.

Blaeh, the Lions lost today. Of course, I didn’t really expect them to win in Miami, but at least they were able to get three touchdowns. I also liked the ending to the Saints-Bucs game. Just a great Week 1 all-around. And there’s still tomorrow’s game, but I’m already planning on doing karaoke that night. D’oh!

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