Now Patty knows how to host karaoke

Ah, tonight was a great night as far as karaoke went. I got to see Bear, and we caught up on old times. I also did a couple new songs for me, “My Own Prison” and “My Way,” and I did great on both. I think I must’ve done “Riders on the Storm” at some point before tonight. And my vocal cords got quite the workout on “Born to Run.” The pasta dish I had was excellent, and the cook can sing well, too. It turns out Patty does karaoke on Fridays and Saturdays as well over at the Barking Frog. Quite a nice little place. Bear should know how to pick them. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to go out for karaoke. Next week, with Barb and Marc and whoever else I can get to come, it should be a blast. Everybody should go out to karaoke once a week. Everybody!!! I think I may be spoiled, living as close to Augusta as I will. Of course, if I go every Monday, it’ll mean not payong attention as much to the game, but I suppose I’ll appreciate the time with good old friends in time. At least it’s setup where the corner TV has the game on.

Somehow, I don’t think Mom will ever stop worrying about me. She wanted me to call her tonight when I got home. She gets it from her mother no doubt. Even when I’m in my apartment, she’ll want me to call, even though Augusta is only five miles from it. Somehow, I’ll always be her wittle baby. And somehow, that’s quite alright with me.


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