What is it with I losing $20 bills?

I lost another one of those today, and damn if I’m not upset about it. Frankly, half of me wants to tear everything apart in searching for it, but the realistic half know that if it’s really gone, it can never be recovered (since it’s cash). That’s $40 in the span of two months that won’t go to food or recreation or maybe one of my move-in expenses. And what frustrates me was I knew I had it when I left work (at least I think I had it when I left). Speaking of work, today was quite the event, as we had to get the World (DRMS’s little magazine dealie) out. But really, all we got out is the stuff going to the foreign DRMOs. There’s still a couple carts full of stuff going to the domestic DRMOs, plus a flatbed full of padded envelopes from on Susan Leask (I think she’s in DRMS-KM). Suffice it to say, Monday morning will be a real bitch. At least my commute will only be 3-4 miles instead of 30.

Speaking of that, Mom hasn’t called to say when she’ll want to start helping me with le move. I know she had said that maybe we could move some of the smaller stuff and then wait until Dad got out of work before we moved the heavy stuff (bed, dresser, desk). And at some point tomorrow (which has become today, apparently), I want to buy my TV. I’ve found Apex 20 inchers that Wal-Mart has to be the best deal, since they have flat screens and S-video inputs and go for $168, at least in Angola (Battle Creek or Coldwater better have it for the same amount). Too bad the Apex 20″ featured in the ABC Warehouse ad was a completely different TV (no stereo or S-video, but $95). Frankly, I think people are nuts if they buy TVs that don’t have stereo and S-video inputs (at least if they get a size where they know those can be had). It’s not like you need a TV with more than one set of inputs, because A/V switchers are easily obtainable (just make sure they have S-video, duh) and range from reasonably priced (like the one I have) to ridiculously expensive (like the RCA ones).

I have come to the conclusion that I’ve become less interesting. I’m not angered, just a little miffed. I’m feeling better now than I was when I got home because I slept in the chair until after 11:00. Almost makes losing the $20 seem like a non-event. Oh, and something else to note wherever you note things, but once I’ve moved into my apartment, you’ll probably see fewer updates until I can acquire a computer of my own, since I’ll be at the mercy of friends and relatives as far as actual Net time is concerned. Not that too many of you would be concerned about this sort of thing, but I feel I must give fair warning. Although I suppose less and less of my whining is a good thing, right?

Edit, 1:04: And even though I like the name, it’s clearly evident to me that Springfield should just be absorbed into Battle Creek. Springfield is clearly one of those cities that formed because they didn’t want to be part of Battle Creek, because it has no real identity of its own. IIRC, the city is only 50 years old, being founded in 1952. Of course, if it weren’t for the fact that LiveJournal automatically puts whatever city “owns” a certain ZIP code (in this case, since 49015 is a Battle Creek ZIP code [the PO accepts Springfield as an alternate or however they describe it]), I probably wouldn’t have mentioned anything about it. D’oh!


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