The first night was a doozy

I think once the parents left around 11:30 or so, I flipped around the channels, but mainly I watched SportsCenter so I could watch college football highlights. But probably the best thing about having my new TV is that now the PSX games I have don’t bounce when I play them. I don’t know what it is about that Zenith 27″ here at the house that would cause that. Oh, but actually the thing that’s really the best is that I get both Fox Sports and WXSP. That means I can catch all the Red Wings games if I want. Totally awesome beyond awesome!!! Marc will definitely have to come visit on those nights when the Wings are on UPN (his Dish, AFAIK, doesn’t get that channel). Of course, he still has that awesome PVR receiver, so I guess we both win.

Man, once we get my dresser, my nightstand, and my desk moved up, I’ll be totally moved out of this house, and somehow moving onward with my life. It’s going to be tough, but fun! Especially if Adam does as I asked and gets me Kingdom Hearts for my birthday. 😉 I just might not be reluctant to buy him a silly Xbox to settle my debt.

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