I’m only 22, but damn me if I don’t feel 222

I could give a synopsis of what transpired since the last entry, but I really don’t feel like repeating myself 12 times. Let’s just say that things are going dandy, and that I couldn’t be more content with what is going on. Surely, some holes need to be patched, but I’m only a man and can’t expect everything to be filled quickly. At least I did stock up on groceries this past weekend. The strange thing is that a box of crackers lasts only a few minutes with me.

Oh yes, something else that needs mentioning is that a high school classmate of mine now works in the credit union. What’s strange is that I saw her and her husband (also my classmate) at the mall the previous Saturday. Haven’t really talked to her since she started working there, as I’m the one who makes short work of his mailrun with no chit-chat, unlike my co-worker Carolyn.

Oh, and if you’re wondering, yes, I did make a trip home so I could check my email, as I haven’t checked it since the 21st. Damn, I either need to get me into Willard, or find some other net café either in BC or in K’zoo. I suppose one nice thing about it being my birthday is that it’s a paid holiday. Too bad everyone else I know has to work or something, so there’s only me to do any real partying. But at least Marc invited me out to thier place to celebrate both mine and Barb’s birthday (two days ago, IIRC), so it won’t go without some fanfare. And I think I just might go and buy myself a sheetcake. I DESERVE ONE, GODDAMMIT!!! Eh, but maybe I’ll just treat myself to a movie, something I haven’t done in God knows how long.

Heh, one thing that amused me is that for my birthday, my paternal grandmother sent me a Valentine’s Day card. It’s, as they say, the thought that counts. At least the check wasn’t dated Valentine’s Day. 😉

I know I’ve said it before, but I must wish Liz a happy birthday and sincerely hope that someday she’ll have the courage to take on the world full steam. Keep your chin up, pal.

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