So my birthday wasn’t totally pointless

Dad did take me out to dinner tonight. He was going to call me had I not come home to check email and look for another box Mom says was supposed to come up to my apartment. Anyway, as to the dinner itself, it was at Captain’s Cabin, a most excellent restaurant overlooking one of Indiana’s pristine lakes. Okay, so I’m failing at trying to make Indiana look wonderful, but you must admit not all parts of Hoosierland are crappy. Anyway, I had a delicious baked salmon, although the baked potato was a little undercooked. One day, I’ll have to go back there to try the prime rib, but there’s only so much fine dining one can afford. Wait, since Dad paid for tonight’s meal, maybe I can go back down there sooner than I would expect. It is a nice place, after all.

However, I didn’t really have dessert, unless you were to count that bowl of peanut butter fudge ice cream I had at about 11 this morning. I think a trip to Meijer on my way back to the pad is in order so I can buy myself a lovely sheetcake. Oh yes, you know I have to do it. Meijer has plenty of already made sheetcakes that would be quite delectable to my palette. Why am I even discussing this? Because I can, that’s why.


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