Finally! Justice has been served, as the Yankees are out in the first round. If the Cardinal score holds up, that will mean both finalists are out in Round 1. Now if the Giants can rally to beat the Braves, this could be one of the best baseball postseasons EVER! And to think, I’m really not paying attention to the whole baseball postseason. Can you imagine how elated I would be if I were watching every game religiously?

Today was actually pretty good, as I had a wonderful time out here at Marc and Barb’s. After the little shindig here, I went with them to a bonfire. Ah, tomorrow will definitely be my day to relax, just watching football and eating ice cream and whatever else I have in my apartment. Hell, maybe I won’t even wake up until four or five in the afternoon, but for some reason, I can never seem to force myself to sleep past noon. It’s nice to live on my own, I will grant you that much.


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