Bah, not much of a three-day weekend if you ask me

Although I must be highly amused that Columbus Day is a federal holiday and not a state holiday (Nyanya, Ma has to work while I have today off). But really, after having my brother up for the night Sunday and not doing what we were planning to do (which was to find a chair for Dad), I think the day went fine, as I didn’t wake up until well near 11:00. We needed to get a plunger, and Adam wanted to go to the mall, so I decided to introduce him to the DDR machine at Peter Piper’s on the way. (“DDR machine, this is my younger brother Adam. Adam, DDR machine. What, you say you have no hands? How typical.”) As I expected, he was sort of bepuzzled by it (you would be, too, if someone offered to shake hands despite lacking any). Of course, it had been several weeks since I last played, so I really couldn’t offer any sagely advice, although he probably could offer me some advice about rosemary and thyme (yeah, I had to go with a bad spice joke). He also managed to beat me two times out of three at air hockey, but I managed to best him in a hoops shoot.

I also got my rear tires replaced after the left one was experiencing a slow leak. Now I should be pretty much set for winter after I get the engine light checked. My car’s been in need of an oil change for a good 6,000 miles now. Sigh, why is it I always find a way of putting off the important stuff? Although I will get this month’s car payment made on time. It’s just silly to put that off when I know the funds are there to pay it. But tonight, well, that’s another night I do karaoke. Bear should be around this time, and maybe I’ll get a chance to talk more with Sarah and some of the other Barking Frog regulars. But the more likely result will be that I’ll just sit in my usual silence, unless I’m up singing.


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