Good lord, where has the time gone?

Today I figured I had to stop by my old place just so I could check email, blah blah blah. It seems very little has gone on in this house since I was here last, but I do notice Dad now has a DVD player like the one Adam and Mom have. One of these days, I’ll have to look around for my CDs, but there’s really no big rush, since I have yet to buy anything that could play them (yes, technically my PS2 will, but I’m thinking something along the lines of one of those 100W shelf systems). The Angels won the World Series. Pfft, so what? As the Nielsen ratings showed, not very many cared. In fact, I didn’t watch an entire game the entire postseason. It’s as if I’ve grown tired of baseball, and it’s not because of all the economic problems that piss off other people. It’s just that maybe there’s less emotion to it than there was in years gone by. Pfft, then that could be attributed by all the off-field economic woes. Why does it seem like baseball suffers from the most fallout whenever there’s a labor dispute? Other sports seem to rebound more quickly. Hockey currently has no salary cap, but you don’t hear half the whining about hockey players getting overpaid as you do baseball players.

Of course, Election Day is less than a week away, and no doubt you’ve heard numerous political ads, most trying to scare you from voting from a person by lies. They just have to use words and phrases like “special interests” and “big tobacco,” as if these things could actually destroy us. Instead of trying to point out his own qualifications, the typical politician has to go out and say “Well, if you vote for my opponent, he’s just going to help those special interests.” I actually find the ads quite humorous, because I know that “special interests” are merely organizations to which the citizenry, which includes EVERYBODY, belong. Politicians can’t figure out how to sell their own qualities, so what they basically do is say that the opponent is much worse, and then exaggerate that to utter ridiculousness. Truly, most of this is perpetrated by liberals, but I’ll admit the conservatives do it to a certain extent. I especially like how they’re running ads about the propasals, especially Michigan’s Proposal 4. Those ads which are in support of it say “Well, if you don’t approve it, then BIG TOBACCO WINS,” implying that somehow if 90% of the tobacco money went to fund anti-smoking inittitives, then somehow magically underage smoking would be cut drastically, thereby cutting the profits of tobacco companies. Yes, my eyes were rolling, too. But those ads that are against it have to say that if it’s approved, then the money goes to SPECIAL INTERESTS. You know, they could’ve just said it goes to organizations that aren’t accountable to voters, but somehow it isn’t “scary” enough. There’s some unwritten rule that campaign ads have to drive fear. I thought at some point, we were taught better.

If you do go the polls on Tuesday, please remember that you’re voting to promote freedom, not that you’re deathly afraid of some poppycock bullshit that’ll happen because you didn’t vote for the right person or the right proposal. It is important to go to the polls, but not out of fear and just plain irrational negativity.

Gosh, all that talk about sports and politics and I haven’t even gotten to me yet. But then, this journal always has been about what interests me, and I guess I don’t find myself as interesting as all the other stuff I talk about. Work is moving along swimmingly. There is this system that’s been sitting idle for two years that would print the certified cards, etc., etc. Well, anyway, the plan is to get that operational again, and once it is, I’ll get to be the one who runs it. I’m slowly making myself indispensible. I suppose the moral of the story is persevere, but then I already knew that, right?

Tomorrow should be fun, as I’m going over to Barking Frog to participate in a little karaoke contest and whatever other tomfoolery there is. I don’t really have a costume, but then I don’t suppose anything I wore could possibly win in a costume contest. Barb and Marc do suggest I sing “My Way” for the karaoke contest, and I couldn’t agree with them more. It’s just a song that I do so well singing. But I don’t expect to win that, either. I’m just doing it so I can have some fun. Otherwise, most of my life would be too dull.

I suppose I’d better wrap this up pretty quickly. I need to get back up to my apartment at a decent time so I can possibly finish The Summons before I slip into slumberland. Of course, I haven’t made any plans past Halloween, but then I’ve always been known to never plan anything months ahead of time. I just take life as it goes, and hope that something rewarding comes out of it.


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