My internal clock needs a good thwacking!

So Marc called me last night and apologized for missing the memorial service last week. He said he had a card for me, and that perhaps today he could see me sometime to give it to me. Mom reminded me that I don’t work today. That’s the one thing about dying. You never can have it fit in your schedule correctly. Ah, but at least today, Adam was kind enough to buy breakfast. At least today I’ll be paid unlike last Monday. I just feel so tired this morning, almost like I want to fall asleep in this library. I just hope I can get through this next week, which I’m pretty sure I will. I’ve made it through every week so far, so why should this one be any different? Last week, it was getting health benefit booklets distributed throughout the building. This week, it’s getting them shipped to the DRMOs, plus there’s another distribution sitting on the desk in the middle. This sort of thing happens all the time. I try to make it fun, but eventually, I’ll run out of ways to make it fun. I still don’t know when I might have enough to take some additional courses so I can get a l33t computer job. Maybe there’s still a chance of getting that ADP job, even though I still never found out how the clearance came out on that one. I just can’t see myself stuck in that mailroom forever. Eventually, I’ll have to find something that more closely matches my skills. But then, most of my skill are clearly antiquated.


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