I would’ve ranted about postal service idiocy yesterday, but the comp I was using froze

Anyway, I can at least add something today as the boneheads down at our fine Battle Creek post office had scheduled someone to drop off our mail, only that person couldn’t start until 9. It was nearly time to go on the morning mail run by the time all the mail was sorted and packed. And then there’s the whole deal of one of the postal carriers delivering to places on the first floor. To me, everything that comes in the mail should come through our mailroom. Yesterday, someone apparently dropped off a lot of the mail that would come to our mail room at the credit union.

Tomorrow should be fun, as we get to start on a crapload (I couldn’t risk the s-word showing up as periods, stupid library filtering >:O) of Loglines and DLA stuff. There’s still the matter of getting the insurance booklets shipped to the DRMOs as well. Remind me to maim anyone who thinks mailroom work is steadfastly boring. 😉 It’s more aggravating than even I would care to admit. But by George I can get through it all.

Adam called me at work to boast that nhe and Mom are getting a computer sometime in the next week or two. To put it in perspective, he wouldn’t call me if anyone were going through a delicate surgery or something more grave, but he’ll gladly call me while I’m working to boast about getting something before I can. Remind me to maim him. ;p I’m sure I’ll get my use out of it when I visit them on weekends.


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