My vocal cords almost died last night

I probably should know better than to go do karaoke on two consecutive nights, but I had to do something to celebrate the Wings’ impressive victory over the Leafs. It’s a bit sad that Manny was only 9.3 seconds away from a shutout, but those sorts of things happen. As Mickey Redmond put it, it doesn’t take away the fact the Wings played an excellent game defensively. Now they’ll get to swing through Canada, playing Calgary, Vancouver, and Edmonton the next three games.

For some reason, after I left the Frog, I decided to take a little very early morning Sunday drive. It felt sort of relaxing, and who knew the area around Western’s campus would still be busy at 2:30 in the morning? I should take more mindless jaunts so I can feel more relaxed. The drive to South Haven I made a few weeks ago was quite invigorating. I had forgotten how beautiful a drive it is on M-43 between Kalamazoo and South Haven. I would think about doing it again today, but I do want to catch the Lions at 4:00. I’m also contemplating driving out to Lakeview Square to pick up Atttack of the Clones, considering I have yet to even see it. Maybe next weekend I might spring and see Die Another Day. I always seem to enjoy Bond flicks.


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