Yo, yo, chillin’ at my Mom’s on her phat comp!

But the real reason I’m down here is to watch the Wings game with Adam, since I don’t get to see many games with him since we’re living apart. I don’t think I told you that Mom got it with a 128MB video card. Oh, how I envy both Adam and Mom until I can afford to get one on my own. At least if I can get one, I’ll be able to put the parts together myself, thereby eliminating 25% of the cost that Mom had to pay. I suppose now that Adam has this amazing machine, he won’t need an Xbox anymore. Did you read that last sentence, Adam?

Meh, work this week was same as always. But today, I somehow forgot to wear my Wings cap. NOW WE ARE ALL JINXED FOREVER! AAAH!!! Actually, I think my head felt a little better. My cap has a way of making my head sweaty. Either that, or it’s time for me to get another haircut. I just like to wait so long before I practically chop all my hair off. It’s just so economical that way.

Mom’s thinking of ordering pizza and I want to watch the divorce video sometime this weekend. Ah, I plan to be greatly amused this weekend.


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