So the Wings played a great first period. But somehow, in the last two periods, they had to be absolutely horrible on the penalty kill. Egad, thankfully it was only a two-goal defeat. Somehow, it seemed to sum up my day, which went something like “Whaaa!?”

This morning, my two female coworkers had to show what brilliant “dancers” they were, since virtually most of the people in the building were off today and there was a scant amount of mail to send out. Yeah, working today was rather pointless, but since I have no vacation, work it I have to do (damn, Ted’s a lucky bastard for taking today off). I don’t think I can kill the brain cells quick enough so I can forget today’s episode. Can you imagine what will happen if this happens on New Year’s Eve and Christmas Eve? Oh wait, now everyone’s scarred for life. Booyah! >:)

As to how Thanksgiving went, it wasn’t too bad. I went up to my uncle’s in Otsego to celebrate with Dad’s side of the family, since I figured I’d sort of celebrate with Mom’s side this weekend. Heh, Mom’s watching that Muppet special she recorded while I was watching the game, and it sounds as cheesy as any Muppet special ever was. Somehow, they just haven’t been that good since Henson died.


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