Woot! The snow has cometh!

I had quite a lot of snow to brush off my car this afternoon. But I still like the snow, even if it does make for a few idiots who think they can drive fast through it. I think this winter will be awesome compared to the past couple winters in terms of total snowfall. Hopefully, I won’t end up stuck somewhere. I might have to buy a bag of kitty litter or something to put some weight in my trunk, as my car fishtails quite a bit (plus, the kitty litter supposedly will help melt snow in case I am ever stuck).

As if today’s snowfall wasn’t awesome enough, I found out that I finished second in Maaike’s little poll thing. This calls for celebration. After I leave the library, it’s off to Little Caesar’s for some Hot ‘n Bothered pizza (um, I think I mean Hot ‘n Ready), then this evening, karaoke at the Barking Frog!!! Maybe I’ll even have a kamikaze or two. I haven’t had one of those since Marc bought me one way back when. Nah, just one hard drink and then coffee for the rest of the night. I can’t plaster myself when I don’t have a driver.

There’s something else I wanted to mention, but those of you who know me already know I’ve plumb forgot what it was I wanted to mention. Maybe next time, as they always say.

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