Bleh! At least I have plenty of stamps for a little while!

My car’s gone uninsured for a little while now, and since we couldn’t get the car in my name, now it’s making the process of reinsuring it a bit difficult. It should have dawned on me that I can’t insure what I don’t legally own, but because both Grandma and Mom are breathing down my neck to get insurance, that very important fact seemed to slip my mind. At least the guy at AAA was kind enough to relay this fact. Now either Grandma has to be the one who takes out insurance, or the vehicle has to be titled over to me. I would prefer the latter option. If I’m expected to pay for insurance, the vehicle should at least be in my name. It’s likely a lot trickier to get the loan in my name, but the vehicle should be easy to title over… that is, as long as I remember where the title is. Hrummpf! 😡 I think it’s still at the lake house somewhere, since it’s not in my glove box. Hopefully it hasn’t been thrown away, as I don’t want to have to pay for a replacement title.

With the month I’m having, is it any wonder why I didn’t join the gift exchange thing at work?


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