We got an awesome parking spot! :D

Our little trip to the mall went pretty well. Adam mainly purchased gifts for people at his Christmas party tomorrow. I still haven’t started my shopping yet, but then I’ve always been hesitant when it comes to buying things. I haven’t figured what to get Dad yet, and Mom’s sort of been dropping suggestions, but it can still be difficult to shop for her. Of course, Adam’s still anticipating an Xbox, so I figured I might trade in my underplayed (and some I’ve grown plumb tired) games to help with that (although we all know I don’t have an expansive collection). Adam says that next weekend, the two of us can do shopping for the parents.

After the shopping trip to Fort Wayne, Adam had me swing by Blockbuster so he could rent Lilo and Stitch to entertain his cousins-once-removed that he seems to watch occasionally. That movie was pretty entertaining, and now that I’ve seen it, I’m slightly interested in checking out the Stitch Experiment 626 video game. Maybe I’ll rent that on my way back up to my apartment later tonight. Of course, that’s after Mom drags me by my ear to church, which is sort of the cost of I spending weekends with my dear mum.

Most disturbing point of the weekend: I’m not wearing any underpants right now. :-* Ciao!


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