Bleh, the holidays are all a blur!

I can barely believe Christmas is only a few days away. We’re all here celebrating Dad’s birthday with a somewhat big turkey dinner. I finally bought Adam his silly Xbox yesterday while we were out. He even had the nerve to buy NHL 2003 before I even picked up the system. Now he’s so sillily happy that he treats it like a child or at the very least a kid sibling. He even wants to name the thing. Considering he’s been reading up on Xbox games for what seems like several months now, I would say its purchase was inevitable, even if I didn’t end up buying it. But at least the debt is settled supposedly, so that’s another monkey off my back.

I only will have to work four hours on Christmas Eve (but Mom gets the entire day off *whine*, stupid state holidays as opposed to federal). Of course, that’s the day the family gathers at my mom’s twin brother’s house for that annual gathering. Much food is to be had, and I enjoy the fellowship somewhat. I think I have a pretty good idea of what I’m getting, though, particularly from Adam (he said he might buy me Forty Licks).


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