Damn you, time, why must you be so fast?

I can barely believe that it’s been six months that I’ve held the mailroom job, and surprisingly, it hasn’t gotten too dull. Some days are certainly better than others, but then I won’t complain is there’s not a buttload of stuff to do. However, James made a rule change that if anyone gets caught snoozing, they’re to be fired on the spot. I suppose it’s been a rule at other places, but we at Peckham have sort of let that one slip by until now.

Still, as much as I like my job, I like even more the fact that this is a three-day weekend. Of course, as most weekends go, it’ll be spent hanging out here at my mum’s crib. I rented 007 Nightfire for Adam’s Xbox so I’ll have something to entertain myself this weekend (as if taking long naps weren’t enough). I could also entertain myself with my brother’s Sonic Advance, which I don’t think he’s touched since the last time I was here (his GBA was still sitting here by the computer, where I think I left it). As far as my own games go, I beat Metroid Fusion a couple nights ago, got everything on Super Mario World, but haven’t yet beaten A Link to the Past (which I got before the other two, mind you). I also was able to get a $40 credit for trading in Batman Vengeance and Tetris Worlds for reserving Devil May Cry 2. But the part where we know I’m a sad little gamer was when I picked up the first Devil May Cry the same day. It’s not that bad, but I’m rather miffed about not being able to control camera angles.

Sigh, today Mom wants to run errands, and most likely I’ll be along, since I have to sign a new signature card for her account since she changed her name with the divorce and all. Of course, I’m not going to get much sleep. Such is the way of my life when I spend weekends with Mom.


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