Beh, just one thought on the Super Bowl

It seems like every year, it gets to be more about the hype rather than the game. I bet you that if I do end up going to a Super Bowl party, only about 5% of those attending will actually be paying attention to the game. Whenever you have a party, it always stands to reason a good 95% or more would rather talk amongst themselves rather than pay attention to the thing that’s bringing everyone together in the first place. I mean there’s nothing wrong with that, but I think because the Super Bowl is just one game, it gets much more hype than other championships, and thus those who don’t give a lick about football get swept into the celebration part of it. I just think the NFL needs to get the focus back on the game instead of trying to promote everything outside of the game. A good start would be to pick halftime acts because they’re actually good instead of relying on Billboard’s rankings. But then, we all know my view on the state of the music industry.

And if there’s any doubt as for whom I’m routing, go Bucs!!!


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