Pondering the imponderable

  • Why do all the other Blockbusters have their stuff due at midnight while the Blockbuster on Gull Rd. has theirs due at noon?
  • Why is it that those people who complain about my silence are the ones who just barely attempt to carry on any sort of a conversation with me?
  • If it’s called an Amaretto sour, why does it taste so sweet?
  • Why aren’t we taking a harder stance against North Korea? Just because the so-called Cold War ended, does that mean we can’t touch Communists any more?
  • We got to distribute notepads that promoted innovation. What’s so innovative about mailing notepads all over the world?
  • If this was a short week, why did it seem longer than last week?
  • If I’ve resolved to live a more socially active life, then why am I at my mother’s again this weekend?

Don’t think too hard now. 😉


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