So Willard has decided to unfilter LiveJournal again

Yesterday morning wasn’t really all that bad as far as my own life and limb was concerned, however I did manage to sustain a little automobile accident. All I came away with was a couple cuts on my left hand. The front passenger side of my car and the sign I hit (I done sheered it off good) weren’t so lucky. Supposedly, the adjuster will look at it tomorrow and determine whether it’s fixable or not. I just fear that it will be totaled, and I’ll have to go through all the wrangling of getting another car. It took so much to get that one. But on the bright side of things, sort of, I was able to rent a ’02 Ford Taurus. I figure if my credit were more decent than it is, a Taurus would be near the top of the list of cars that I would like to own (a Toyota Prius ranks up there somewhere, too, after I’ve driven Marc’s a couple times). At least it happened on a week where I get paid, but who knows how long it’ll be until I get that little white Escort fixed? After I get paid, I’ll have to pay the rent, but there won’t be enough to pay the $500 deductible. However, I do still have from savings bonds from Christmases over the years, but I only wish to cash them as a last resort. So clearly, I’ll have to live frugally for the next month or so. I’m already down to the few dollars in my pocket until pay day.

Dad should be stopping by my apartment later tonight to see how things are going. I hadn’t seen him since we moved him down to Indianapolis, and I always value his advice on car-related issues, since I have practically none.

And I’m definitely not the first to say this, but I feel so excited now that Steve Yzerman is back. When playoff time comes around, he’ll be more ready than he’s ever been. I smell repeat.


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