Still waiting to get a car

There just seems to be little justice in this world. My credit past still haunts me, because I still cannot get financing for a car by myself. Those ads that say that you could be approved with bad credit are an utter crock of bullshit. Maybe I’m not the brightest crayon in the box, but I’m getting sick and tired of people seeing me as someone who can’t afford to pay back a mere dime. That’s how it is. Make over $300 a week, and you still wouldn’t get a loan for 10 cents, just because there was a time where you couldn’t pay before. That’s why I have a big dislike for loan officers. They focus too much on the past, and I absolutely loathe my past. I hate being reminded of how bad I was then. I want to pick myself up again, but everyone else has a notion of keeping me down where I am.

On a much lighter note, I managed to beat Lucia’s disk on Devil May Cry 2 despite the fact that I hadn’t touched it in over a month. One of these days I’ll have to finish Dante’s disk and try to get S-ratings, blah blah blah blahblah. But somehow, I figure I’ll probably just trade it in (along with its predecessor) to help pay for the balance of Sapphire. Yes, I can see myself being that poor that week.

I figure I take a great financial risk by doing so, but I figure I must get some cash from the ATM so I can go out and maybe attempt karaoke tonight. It may not be the hostess that I’m used to, but then karaoke hosts come and go like automobiles (damned uncreativity in my similes!)


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