Bleh, got the title for the car FINALLY!

But my name cant’t be on it. 😦 At least it’s financed at a decent rate, so I can’t bawl too much. Adam had quite the knack to call me while we were waiting for the papers and tell me that he had purchased an SP. Lousy brother always has to get the great gadgets before me. 😉 But I’m not bawling too much about that, either. I call him back while I’m driving over to the bank, and my cellphone battery dies. I’ll bet Adam was thinking I might’ve died in some horrific car crash somewhere near Columbia and 20th. Won’t he be surprised when he sees me alive? *snort* After that, I decided to have some coffee at Chaney’s, a rather ambient place. A couple of people were playing the guitar. Sometimes I wish I had the patience, the rhythm, and the timing to learn some sort of musical instrument, but I never got the interest to do it.

The nice thing about coming here to the Willard Library at this time is that all that after-school riff-raff is gone. The not so nice thing is that this particular keyboard’s Tab and Ctrl keys aren’t working (is anything else broken that I should know about?).

Beh, I suppose I should make my way home so I can charge my phone. Who knows all the calls people have been trying to make to me?


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