Can’t say I’m overly thrilled for today, but playoff time is always exciting

WAAAH! 😥 The Red Wings didn’t get #1 in the West. However, we do get the Ducks in the first round. The whole first round seems interesting to me, because in all except the Toronto-Philly series, the higher seeds won the regular season series. I can smell a few upsets in the first round, but the Ducks aren’t one of them. I so badly want to see a Detroit-St. Louis series sometime later, simply because of how those two teams ended their season series. That rivalry has to be bigger than Detroit-Colorado right now. I’m not going to even try detailed predictions this year because I, in no uncertain terms, suck at making them. Just know that the Wings will be very tough to beat, and I doubt even Ottawa will be able to stand up to them once they get their playoff groove on. Yes, my friends, the Wings will repeat no matter how much you love or hate them. It’s time to get yer Red on, or whatever slogan they decide to come up with this year.


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