Why must two become three? (Hoosiers, Arizonans, and other non-observers may skip this one)

Maybe part of it comes with staying up late on weekends the past few years, but I have never figured why we needed something as stupid as Daylight Savings Time. You would think there would be some reason other than the lameoid “Oh, there’s more daylight in the evening.” Of course, since I live in a state where this practice in outright stupidity is observed, I have to comply since all the events that involve me (work, businesses, etc.) all observe it. Plus, I’m too lazy to look at my watch and say, “Oh, it’s actually an hour later than what my watch says.” Thank the good people at Timex that it’s analog, because I so loathe digital watches because of the DST thing. How many fingers get injured by people who have to push two or three tiny buttons just so they can advance their watch one hour? When I get back to my apartment, I’ll have to adjust the clock on my stereo one hour. I think I know how to do it, but then it has been a while since I initially set the clock. Of course, when the last week of October rolls around, those people who strained their fingers advancing their watches one hour will have to strain them 23 times worse when they fall back (because you can’t just go one back on most of those kinds of watches). In short, it causes a lot of unnecessary pain and commotion (for those who forget Daylight Savings has taken effect). Daylight Savings Time should be banned. It only serves as a nuisance, and it wears out our watch gears and buttons just a little faster.

On a somewhat lighter note, one more win, and the Wings get top spot in the West, no matter what Dallas does. I love it when things like this come down to the last day of the season.


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