Bleh, just spending some time at the good ol’ library

The past week went by rather slowly. I got the new guy trained on what was my run, and now as a result I have what was Bonnie’s run, waiting for the damned elevator and all. Adam decided to buy a PS2 for himself since he hasn’t yet done anything to get his Xbox fixed after it got struck by lightning. He also already has FFX-2 reserved, even though it’s a little more than six months until that game is released. I’ll probably wind up buying it, since three ass-kicking ladies sounds like a great game to me. Bleh, but then I have several games already that need finishing, but I doubt that even one will be truly finished.

I talked to Marc yesterday while I was walking through Barnes and Noble, and we agree that either Minnesota or Anaheim should win the Cup (even though the latter swept my precious Wings). He asked me how I was feeling, and all I could really tell him was that I was feeling better than what I have been. I guess all that time going out really does make thing feel a little better. I’m still not the best I can be, but then, who is? We just strive to do what we can, for there can be no shame in doing that. It doesn’t mean that I don’t want certain things, but I have to learn to not get so angry just because I can’t get them just yet.


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