What an exhausting week!

I think we must’ve spent more money in the past two days than we have over the past two months. Today, I ended up taking 25 certified pieces to the PO. All save for two were awkward (not really heavy) boxes, and of those, only one didn’t have a customs label. Hopefully tomorrow there will be a reprieve. Yesterday we had a buttload of catalogs and more of Traci’s stuff. I’m really glad we had Larry with us, or I would’ve had to deal with all of that stuff by myself. What also amused me is that the ladies at the bulk mail section were off. Guess I shouldn’t have warned them yesterday that more was coming.

I’m going to reward myself for the past two days tonight by picking up my reserved copy of Enter the Matrix and then seeing The Matrix Reloaded over at W. Columbia. We shall see if I make it over to the bar tonight, but I’m sure they’ll understand if I don’t.


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