Today we went to Grandma’s so Mom could see her cousin Pat off. We had this rather tasty turkey and rice dish, which I ate plenty. One of the big things Pat likes to do (as well as my mom and Aunt Melanie for that matter) is genealogy, so that was one of the topics of conversation. I suppose I should be more interested in that sort of thing, but I haven’t really gotten into as much yet.

One thing I was doing before we went over there is finding more syndicated feeds to place on my friends page. Of course, LJ’s RSS syndication page only lists the most popular ones, but I’ve added a couple that some might have a particular interest in. They’re called gspy_ps2 and gspy_gc, so now I can read news related to my consoles. I could just as easy add feeds for Xbox, PC, and portables, and yet still be nowhere close to using all my syndication points. I figure I might add one for portables because I’m also interested in what’s coming out for GBA. I figure one day, my friends page will be the main place to get my information. I really must commend the LJ staff for adding such a nice feature to the service. Now all I need is something that would allow me to check this stuff every day. 😉


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