What, you think we’re a bunch of crazy people?

It continually amazes me that we get so much misdirected mail. Note to Battle Creek post office: We’re not the VA Hospital, nor are we Kellogg’s, Post, the Battle Creek Enquirer, nor any other place that just happens to have “74” as an address number. We’re certainly not Fieldstone (which is a mental institution by the way), and we’re definitely not the Battle Creek post office. Of course, it should be known already, but we also shouldn’t be getting envelopes that LACK ANY SORT OF SENDING ADDRESS WHATSOEVER!!! >:O

And yet, people wonder how I can get so angry about my job. Fortunately, I have July’s issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly to calm my angry nerves. Lament of Innocence looks to be sweet. Methinks I’ve neglected the Castlevania series for far too long. But then, having no income for a prolonged period has made me neglect other things for far too long.

Tonight, I’ll probably just get a pizza (you know which kind ;p), watch some of my All in the Family DVDs, and maybe try to make some headway in either Enter the Matrix or Metroid Prime.

And how could I not weigh in on this?: Patrick Roy, one of my favorite nemeses, retired today. I’m trying to figure why he picked today to make his announcement instead of, say, when the season is over. But I suppose there’s caveats to announcing afterwards, too. Will the Avs ever be the same?


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