Bleh, what a lackluster weekend

Although I must say I’m definitely excited about a Game 7. Anaheim simply owned in last night’s game. Now it’s time for a road team to get a win in this series. Yeah, they may have swept my precious Wings, but I’d rather see the Ducks win just to prove that some hockey team in Southern Cal can be a winner.

Yesterday, we went over to Jackson so Mom and I could see her cousin in the hospital. She wasn’t feeling all to well, but she seemed to acknowledge our presence. Later, we had dinner at the Hunt Club, where I ate this truly awesome steak (no steak sauce was necessary). I simply must eat there more often. There is one in Battle Creek, but I haven’t ventured there yet. Gosh, I still have so many places to see in my own city. When would I have time to venture anywhere else?

Bah, Mom wants to run over to Home Depot, and naturally she wants me to come along. So I guess this’ll be it until next time. I would just have whined about the bad things in my life anyway, so no loss here.


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