Pointless meme time, along with some pointless non-meme stuff!

Happy Deathday!
Your name: spicy_mustard
You will die on: Saturday, September 29, 2012
You will die of: Exsanguination
Created by Quill

As far as I can tell, Sarah and April seem to have worked out their differences for the time being.

Bleh, not much else to talk about other than the fact that it’s gotten hot. It hasn’t felt as bad as they were predicting, but then when has a forecast ever been right, especially a Michigan forecast? I guess Carolyn starts her vacation this Friday. Makes me want the 17th to get here even faster (I so could use a paid day off or two). Although most likely the first two days of vacation will be used to drive to Alabama for the Rawson reunion, if I decide to attend. But how can I be talking vacation when I have $458 insurance bills the next two months? (It should be every other month after August.) I’ll just have to compute my finances and see what can be done with what I’ve got. We all knew I couldn’t go to someplace like Cabo San Lucas this year.

I’m mulling going over to Grandma Ketchum’s on the 1st or 2nd so I can meet Dad’s new girlfriend. I’ve really got to watch my expenses this week, so that probably means only going out once Thursday-Sunday. I think I’ll pick Friday, since that’s when I’ll most likely see my friends.


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