After one hell of a Monday, I’m still alive. Does that mean I win?

Argh, I’m so excited about having Friday off, but it’s a damn shame I don’t have much plans this weekend other than visit Mom and do laundry, etc., etc. I could go to the balloon festival this week, but with the number of balloons varying inversely to the seemingly higher cost, I’m not too excited about that.

Yesterday I got to see Dad’s new girlfriend. She seems very pleasant with a great sense of humor, and Dad got her hooked on karaoke. I told Adam it was pathetically cute the way Dad rested his head on her shoulder. Dad seems to be doing the whole post-divorce thing right, unlike a certain other parent, but I’ve griped about that enough. The day was good for a drive over to Westland, and I enjoyed the visit thoroughly.

It’s rather nice here at Willard right now, since there’s only a few other people down here in their basement computer area. I like it because there’s more time for me to try to write down any semblance of the past events. The monitor’s refresh rate seems dreadfully wrong since I can see the flicker, but then things could be worse.

Bonnie is worried about the DRMOs tomorrow, but I just relax when it comes to that. It doesn’t take as long to package them up as one might think, and with at least two people doing it, there won’t be any problems. Of course, most weeks, you simply have stuff going to a few DRMOs, but thanks to DRMS-R, just about every one has something going. Gah, now I’m boring you with work detail. That can’t be good.

Oh, and how can I not mention this! Monday night while I was at the Frog, I got to see Bear for the first time in what seems like several months. He now has a job at a small web development firm, and he teaches a few courses for them. It’s probably not the greatest job, but at least it’s regular income when compared to his storytelling stints at Yarrow. I got to catch him up on my life a little. Eh, but other then telling about my family’s tribulations, not much has changed with me.

Is it just me, or does this off-season look rather unpleasant for the Red Wings? If we don’t get Fedorov or Yzerman back, what high-scoring forward will we get? What if Hasek returns? Will he still be able to play the way he did in 2002? And just what would we get in a trade? I trust Ken Holland to answer these questions in a way that won’t have us in the basement starting off the season.


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