Fudge, the weekend’s almost over!

I did get to enjoy a somewhat decent breakfast over at Bob Evan’s this afternoon, despite being only half-asleep. I guess that’s what happens when you don’t get to sleep until sometime about 7 in the morning. I also got to drive Adam over to meet his ride for a summer camp at which he’ll be a counselor. He’s quite excited about that, and who wouldn’t be given his situation of having to look for another job? I suppose I should be making my way back home soon if only to get to bed at a much better time. There’s not much else about the weekend that can be said. While most people did something exciting, I just frittered away at my mother’s. I pretty much consider holiday weekends nothing more than places being packed with people, an inconvenience. Oh, I could’ve gone and done something, yes, but then I’d just be a single person lost in the crowd.

Given how my life’s been recently, I’m not at all surprised at the recent downturn in my temperament. I’ve always felt that things could be better, but I’ve also felt that they could be much worse. One of these days, I’ll be happy beyond all belief just to have something bring my mood down yet again. Like a circle, it won’t end, and I can be expected to repeat it if I can’t figure just what it is I have to do to break free. Or maybe the answer is to make the path more elliptical. 😉 Anyway, I’m sure that if I have the support of the people who love me, then perhaps I don’t have to fear the rejection that has all but plagued my very existence.

I turn now to the world of sports, where my beloved Cubs dropped two of three to St. Louis. We’re now two in back of the Cards for the Central Division lead, and things don’t look very pretty with Florida and Atlanta coming to town. I was glad that the Red Wings signed Derian Hatcher, but am still worried about not getting a good-scoring forward to replace Fedorov. And of course, there’s major trouble if the Cujo-Hasek thing can’t be resolved by the start of training camp. Consequently, given how things are currently, the Wings could only make the playoffs as a five or lower, if at all. Hopefully, moves get made at the right time so the team can function as a unit before the start of the regular season. Yzerman still has yet to be re-signed as of this writing, and I consider him to be the keystone of the franchise. It’s going to be very interesting this next season.


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