I think I can breathe a little easier now

Somehow, just today I remember that next month is a three payday month. I shouldn’t have to worry about just barely having something to live on after bills are paid. Of course, it doesn’t mean that I can be outwardly lavish, either. If the next pay periods are like how the last ones have been, money will actually show up the Thursday before, so I’m certain I can make car payment on this check, rent the next, and insurance (the biggest of the three) the check after. Maybe I’ll be able to afford a weekend in Alabama after all.

Sometimes, I wonder if all this overanalyzing of life’s expenses is what’s driven me not to pursue a serious relationship. ;p Yeah, I could have a girlfriend if I really wanted, but how to justify the added expense. Maybe Sarah’s right about the fact that I should be glad to be single (though not for the reasons I just described). Bleh, I don’t really know anything about the serious relationship thing because I never actually had one. And having friends convince you to stay that way can’t really help matters all that much.

I’m thinking about going to Polish Festival this weekend. Perhaps the beer may be a little overpriced, but the whole idea is to have fun doing the polka. Or laugh at those who don’t know how to polka yet take to the floor anyway. There’s also the Taste of Battle Creek. Oh, what to decide. It seems whatever festival I decide to attend, though, I’ll win, because either features great food. And we all know what makes the best festival is how much great food you can consume. Grah, I’m hungry just thinking about it. Well, that, and all I had to eat today was a few pretzels that Larry shared with me.

I almost feel bad about not getting anything for Adam’s birthday, but he should know that my money is tight right now, although not as tight as I first thought. Again, praise be to three payday months for making it just a little easier to live.


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