And I thought I was born with a big head ;p

I ran across a rather interesting article printed in today’s Chicago Tribune. If what the article states is accurate, about autism possibly being genetic, then it further supports my belief that there are more autistic people than what are currently being diagnosed. It also may explain why some siblings share the disorder.

And since sharing one scientific story just isn’t enough, here’s another. I can just imagine the hilarity that would ensue if someone were to walk in on someone masturbating after hearing the results of this study. Of course, as with all types of scientific studies, people must still err on the side of caution.

Bleh, work this week hasn’t been all that demanding at all. No multitudes of boxes to contend with so far, but as we all know, that could all change in an instant. I’m still expecting three big boxes to come back from Sagami. Fortunately, I don’t have to lug those up to the CCO office.

I’ve recently taken up video poker. And since I am TEH FOOLISHEST, spending only $2, I ran the score all the way up to almost 1,000 points just to dwindle it all the way to zero again. Oh well, it’s not like I really needed that $50 anyway, though it would’ve been nice. I don’t understand why the bar owner wants to replace it with a video slot. There’s just no fun in playing any kind of slot, let alone video slot. At least with video poker, you can at least think there’s some strategy involved.


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