My friend is a celebrity…

…well, not really, but there was a Neighbors feature in today’s Battle Creek Enquirer. (Marc, consider this my plug for you. |p) It was a rather interesting read. One thing that really irked me was the improper use of a comma in the picture’s caption. Really, everything else with the article is fine. I must remember to ask him when we’re at the Frog tonight if his phone has been ringing constantly today.

As for me, I’ve been doing fine. I attempted to call my brother today, but as always, his cellphone was turned off. And no, I’d rather not try the landline, thanks. I figure I will talk to him sometime before Saturday. He’s due to call me any day now. Remember when he’d come to the mall like every week? Sigh, but hopefully he’ll get a new job soon. It’s hard for me to believe that I’ve been at my own job for a year now.

Cry, My Cubs are losing to the Phillies. They’d better sweep Houston, though, or it’ll be hell trying to get back the division lead.


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