Another ho-hum Saturday, but this one featured free food! ;)

Today I came down to Waffle Farm to celebrate the Nelson reunion. That’s the family of my Uncle Steve, and naturally, all of us who are related through marriage get invited, too. The highlight foodwise would have to be the marble cake made to honor the 50th birthdays of my mom, Steve, and his brother. One of my classmates was there, but I didn’t get a chance to speak with her. D’oh! Anyway, I think I had a rather relaxing time.

One thing I want to do that I haven’t done in several months is drive over to South Haven again. The threat of rain should mean that beach crowds will be minimal, and how can anyone resist the wonderful goodness that is Sherman’s ice cream? Yeah, I know several people who’ll say Plainwell is the best, but I think Sherman’s tastes a notch better. I won’t get to see the nice autumn colors like I did my last trip, but it should still be great nonetheless.

Yes, I know it’s after midnight, but I can manage a drive back up to my apartment at this hour. Speaking of wonderful goodness, I must remember to have some Oberron before summer is out. It’s been weeks since I had a glass of that great tasting locally produced ale.


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