Grah, somehow I expect to be awake in under two hours watching preseason football

I don’t know why I thought it would be practical for me to watch such an early game, but I do have to applaud the efforts of various sports leagues to give a taste of American sports to the Japanese. But it does mean that football season is right around the corner. Speaking of football, I did reserve Madden 2004 after trading in that crapfest known as Enter the Matrix (lousy driving system). Supposedly this latest installment has a franchise mode that lets you control the slightest details, even the price of a hot dog. Personally, I would like to see an option that allows you to punish the heathens fans that even think about putting ketchup on a hot dog (punish ’em twice as hard if they try to do it to bratwurst). Maybe that deviates too far from the premise of a football game, but it sure would be better than listening to Madden’s inane commentary. I smell spinoff possibility.

All this talk about hot dogs makes me realize that the Brender reunion thing is going to be a cookout. Adam is going as well, so I decided to come down here to Mom’s so Adam and I could drive together. Mom, meanwhile, will likely meetup with her ex-con friend after she works. Yep, this is starting to add up to another one of those humdrum weekends.

On a much lighter (ha!) note, one of those fund-raising groups was selling Krispy Kremes in front of the cafeteria. I managed to eat an entire dozen in under two hours. I also heard that Felpausch (a local grocery chain) is selling those glazed globs of goodness. Heart disease, here I come! :-*

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