Hydration is good!

I drank six bottles of water today. That coupled with the few glasses I had when I woke up this morning meant I had to pee about six times as well. (Tee hee, my insides still giggle whenever I see “Yurinator” on the screen. Whoops, there they go again. |p) Today there wasn’t the amount of mail we got on Tuesday and Wednesday, so that meant we didn’t have to haul those cages in the truck. I’m feeling pretty well despite the fact that I will need to cash a few more savings bonds in order to be able to make car payment next week. Of course, health insurance is going up 44% in October, but I think I may just do without that if they ask us again and there’s not an option that won’t eat part of my take home pay. It’s either that, or find something that pays better, which would be practical if it weren’t for the fact that I haven’t had any more schooling in about three years. I think I will have to eventually find a second part-time job because I’m barely able to pay bills now as it is. Let’s just say that it was fortunate that I could get Madden 2004 solely on trade-in credit.

Tonight should be fun, since I’m more than likely doing karaoke at the Frog, but I did run across an ad for a place in Bellevue that has Patti B as karaoke host. You may remember that she was the same host who was at the Frog back when I first started going to there about a year ago. I thought about asking Sarah along with me, but I seriously doubt she’d want to go all the way to Bellevue after getting off of work sometime after 10 tonight (if her schedule is consistent with previous weeks). Hell, maybe I’ll just pop up there myself. I wonder if she has kept my notecard with all my songs on it.

And because this is so ridiculously stupid:

My LiveJournal Sitcom
spicy_mustard at the supermarket (CBS, 2:30): spicy_mustard (Paul Reubens) and lj_textmessage (Sylvester Stallone) collaborate on writing a romance novel. Soon afterwards, nonsquitor_feed (Patricia Arquette) is allergic to kittyfish (Jamie Lee Curtis)’s sweatshirt. That same day, jellyrose (Penelope Cruz) nixes lj_nifty (Roberto Benigni)’s picnic plans. Nearby, comic_getfuzzy (Quentin Tarantino) paints hockey (Mickey Rooney)’s cookie orange. Afterwards, gspy_ps2 (Patricia Arquette) draws a picture on chef_adam (Jim Breuer)’s forehead. (Closed captioned.)
What’s Your LiveJournal Sitcom? (by rfreebern)

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