I have a nice long Labor Day weekend

Saturday we didn’t do too much. Mom needed to pick up stuff for meatloaf that she’s making for a dinner at the Mission tonight. After that shopping trip, we ate over at Applebee’s after discovering that two of the downtown restaurants were closed (before 9pm, mind you). We came back here, and I managed to fall asleep while watching some college football game. Today shouldn’t be all that exciting, either. Monday, we’re going up to Lansing to do something with one of Mom’s friends, while Tuesday I’ll have to be back to Battle Creek by 3pm to have my car serviced (used a vacation day, woohoo!). It’s needed it for quite some time.

Ugh, I’m so disgusted that the Cubs lost, yet St. Louis and Houston both won. I so want the Cubs to go to the playoffs this year, but it seems as if some players (mostly Shawn Estes and the bullpen) don’t understand the urgency to actually play well. And with the White Sox doing well, this could be the year for a Crosstown Series which has the potential to be a ratings bonanza.

Not much else to think about right now. I should probably get more sleep, but then I might not want to do much else.

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