I suppose it could’ve been worse

Mom’s going to see her twin brother on her birthday for the first time in 14 years. And they should see each other, since they both turn 50 today. I’d have liked to go, but I’d be scrambling to get back to Battle Creek before 3, and I really didn’t want to do that. Mom says I still owe her lunch. Pfft.

Yesterday’s cookout was quite good. I ended up finishing Mom’s cake last night. Damn, I’m just a sucker for marble cake. There’s just no denying that. Of course, with Mom’s birthday means that mine comes up in a little over a month. I would like to do something big, but knowing how I am I’ll be lucky if I can even get a handful of friends to celebrate. It falls on a Friday this year, and I was born on a Friday, so that means there should be some added meaning to the birthday (despite being a measly 23rd). Hmm, karaoke falls on a Friday at the bar I frequent. Maybe I will be able to round up a handful to celebrate with me. I don’t remember the last time I’ve had a huge bash, and this year there’s something big happening (car insurance goes down, woohoo!). Sigh, but I won’t mind if it ends up being a rather quiet day. Those kinds of birthdays are fun, too. All I have to say is if someone doesn’t bake me a cake (or at least try to purchase one), there will be much wailing. 😉

Also, I must remember to get my free half dozen (when purchasing a half dozen) from Sweetwater’s. I totally missed out last year.


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