There was a squishy feeling in my shoe

Today while on my afternoon mail run, I managed to find that cricket who had been chirping in the hallway by DAPS. I managed to nudge him away from the wall, whereupon the cricket met the lethal force that was my foot. Yeah, so now all those PETA activists are going to hate me, but then much of their views annoy me anyway, so no love lost there. Overall, it hasn’t been a busy week, but then I’ve only been to work for two of those days. I can hardly fathom that tomorrow is Friday already.

I only have to pay $8.44 for electricity this month. Yay for only having to power a one bedroom, ground level apartment!! I swear, I’ve only had to have air on for only a few minutes all summer.

The NFL starts tonight! I got into one of those pools where you pick the winners of the games this week. It’ll be nice if I can win, but I’ll understand the reasons if I don’t. I did pick the Lions over Arizona, if any of you wondered how I would pick that game.


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