Marc’s got a keen new office

I must say that I am impressed that Marc’s business has quite excellent space, and at only $150 a month, utilities included. It’s right across Michigan Avenue from the Heritage Tower. Marc says I can stop here now to check my email instead of having to wait for a station to open up at the library. Let’s just hope he keeps his mouse cleaner. 😉 (Marc just showed me that it was optical. Heh!) Plus, sometimes what happens down on the street can actually be entertaining.

Monday was good for a Monday. Eleven tubs of mail as usual, and there were four boxes that all went to the same place which is on my run. Actually there wasn’t much mail to go out, but then Traci brought down more of those DLA catalogs. Suffice it to say, Ghost Truck was used again. I figure I’ll explain why we call it Ghost Truck someday, but I’m too tired to explain now.


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