Actually, I’m surprised the Lions hung in there

The Lions lost in Denver, but not as bad as I thought they’d be walloped (considering the Broncos’ last game). Harrington did make some dumb decisions on the last series, but it’s more than likely Denver slacked off a bit. I’ll be interested to see how they do against the 49ers, considering that team got spanked by Minnesota.

Woohoo! Four day week for me. My aunt is coming this weekend, and I told my mother she needs to convince her sister to come up together so we can celebrate my birthday with karaoke at the Barking Frog. I already invited the Coppinses, and getting some of my bar friends (Sarah, April, etc.) shouldn’t be too difficult. It’s a shame Dad can’t come up, but that’s just how schedules turn out. I doubt any of my co-workers would want to attend, but that’s fine as I don’t think my party should be too big anyway.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Go Cubbies!!! Stifle the Braves and make them go crying to their mommies! This is their best chance in literally 90 years, so they’d better make it a good one. And I’m still puzzled over the fact that my brother actually updated his LiveJournal. I never saw that coming!


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